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Is this the floor you’re looking for?

Posted by Bath Bespoke on 26 February 2020

As beautiful as they are practical, wooden floors have long been a popular choice for bringing an elegant character to a space. This natural material invites the outdoors in, introducing an inimitable warmth and texture to your home.

An incredibly versatile finish to your room, wood flooring is immensely adaptable to a broad range of interiors – be it keeping it clean, light and bright with a contemporary aesthetic, embracing a rustic charm with honey tones and distressed finishes or introducing warmth and texture to a scheme. So why is wood best? And do you get the best?

Why choose a wood floor?

Conscious consumption.

Oak frame orangery with engineered oak flooringWood flooring is a sustainable, eco-conscious choice for your home, providing it is responsibly sourced. All our flooring is FSC® and PEFC® certified. (Alongside this, it is also finished in a unique oil coating which is the first and only oil in the world that doesn’t contain VOCs or water, and is completely environmentally friendly.)

Certified timber is a sustainable resource; contrary to the belief that cutting down trees is destructive, dedicated management of the world’s forests ensures their ongoing future and helps grow more trees. Both the FSC® and PEFC® operate using three pillars of sustainability: sustainable forest management creates outcomes that are socially just, ecologically sound and economically viable.

Timeless beauty and character.

Oak parquet flooring

We source our wood flooring from old-growth logs selected for their grain structure and colour; every board’s unique grain pattern documents the tree’s growth with a rich and varied patina that only improves with age, bringing an individual character to every floor laid.

We can lay pre-finished boards in any manner of styles – straight planks, parquet (both herringbone and chevron), panels and squares to bring your space to life.

The ubiquitously popular parquet flooring, a traditional style of wood floor with a timeless, appeal brings pattern and depth to a room. Herringbone parquet planks of wood are cut in perfect rectangles and placed in a staggered zig-zag pattern, so the end of one plank meets the side of another. While with chevron styling, the wood pieces are cut at an angle and are fitted together to form a true point, creating the effect of a repeating ‘V’.

Engineered to last. 

Herringbone wood floor

Engineered wood flooring combines multiple layers of timber with a solid wood veneer. Designed to allow for wood expansion, engineered wood is compatible with underfloor heating systems and boasts a high moisture tolerance level, its construction adding dimensional stability and strength.

Engineered wood flooring is no different to solid wood flooring on the surface. It was created to be more stable than solid wood, which changes shape with fluctuations in relative humidity and temperature. It can be sanded back and re-finished, just like solid wood. And last, but by no means least, engineered wood is particularly tree-friendly because it uses less of the slow-growth hardwoods.

If cared for, a wood floor is a lifetime investment; it will only improve with age over years to come and with the option to restore and refurbish multiple times, the natural beauty of a wood floor can last a lifetime.

Where do you start..?

Consider the bigger picture. 

Wooden plank flooring

Brilliantly adaptable to a myriad of schemes and aesthetics, flooring literally grounds a space, providing an anchor from which a scheme can develop. But it is important to keep an eye on flooring choices as the wider scheme evolves to ensure style, tone and pattern come together harmoniously.

Take time to narrow down your preferences in relation to style, size and finish in the context of your interior scheme, furniture and homewares.

Invest wisely. The beauty of a wood floor is that it last and can be easily renovated. So whether it’s an investment property or your forever home, it makes sense to work with the best you can.

Talk to the experts.

Bespoke wardrobes and parquet wood flooringWe understand what wooden flooring works well in different spaces and can offer design and technical advice to help you choose the right flooring for your space.

Over the years we’ve worked on a large array of flooring projects. Each one unique. By virtue of this, we understand what works well in different spaces and with careful attention to detail and exceptional workmanship, we ensure the highest quality finish for your wood floor.

Our dedicated team work with you throughout the entire process to make sure your new wooden floor blends seamlessly with the character of your home and is immaculately fitted around any existing, period (or just plain awkward) details in your space.

Sample it. 

Oak parquet flooring

We have a wide range of samples in a variety of sizes available in the workshop to help you decide and bring your options to life.

Viewing images online shouldn’t be relied upon to make accurate decisions regarding finish and tone. Even with all the wizardry of twenty-first-century technology an image on a computer can never show you the true texture, finish and character of the wood.

Samples also give you the freedom to explore styles and finished you may otherwise have discounted, developing your scheme, and helping ensure your wood floor becomes a considered, cherished addition to the space.