Style of Floors

The layout and style of your flooring.

We can lay pre-finished boards in any manner of styles – reclaimed, antiqued, crisp and lacquered, or bare boards to be sanded and custom finished to your requirements on site. We lay straight planks, parquet: both herringbone and chevron, panels, squares and can even clad your walls. We’re also able to adjust the width and structural thickness of the boards to suit your requirements and the aesthetics of your existing interior.

To help you choose here are some examples of the styles of flooring we can lay.


Straight planks, as the name suggests, involves placing planks of wood in front of and adjacent to each other. This style is a popular choice, due to the simplicity of the pattern. It’s also a good style to showcase the grain of the wood, and works well in both dark and light stains.

Parquet: Herringbone and Chevron

Parquet, the umbrella term for hardwood flooring arranged in geometric shapes, initially came to fame in 16th Century France and was seen as a style fit for aristocracy. Herringbone is now one of the most popular styles of the 21st Century. Planks of wood are cut in perfect rectangles and placed in a staggered zig-zag pattern, so the end of one plank meets the side of another.

Chevron is another form of Parquet flooring. People often confuse Herringbone and Chevron styles. Both styles look similar, adopting a zig-zag pattern, but are fundamentally different. For Chevron the wood pieces are cut at an angle and are fitted together to form a true point. It creates the effect of a repeating ‘V’.

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