Welcome to Bath Bespoke

We design, craft and fit luxury interiors, kitchens, hardwood floors and joinery for beautiful homes.

Starting with inspired designs, we handcraft wood to create beautiful functional pieces for the home. From contemporary and classic kitchens to Art Deco wardrobes and traditional sash windows, every project is truly bespoke.

Alongside private clients, we also work with some of the country’s best designers, architects and construction companies to help bring their projects to life. We are often asked to design and manage the entire joinery and flooring elements of their project.

Handcrafted interiors and joinery

Why choose Bath Bespoke?


Whether you’re looking for a bespoke kitchen, custom designed furniture or a newly fitted timber floor, you’ve come to the right place. We’re adept at and popular for large projects and design, craft and finish everything in house. Unlike other makers, our specialist team also fully fit the project into your home. We are always on hand to help you through the process, including after the project is complete.

Our service has earned us 5* reviews on Houzz.

Sustainability is also extremely important to us: being at the core of everything we make and do. We abide by the most sustainable practices possible in the industry and have taken great strides to achieve an eco-friendly status. We power all of our machines and lights using energy from solar panels based on Hartley Farm, only use sustainable timber, and convert all of our wood waste into usable heat energy. Find out more about our practices here.

“I have seen many houses built in my work as a director for Grand Designs. So I should have felt confident working on my own home. But I didn’t until meeting Tom and James from Bath Bespoke. They are clever, creative and listen patiently to often vague ideas and come up with remedies. They work with care, efficiency and expertise. The result is beautiful.”
Ann Lalic -Director, Grand Designs