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Frequently asked questions

Here’s our guide to the most common queries when considering sash windows:

1. I live in a listed building, can I double glaze?

This depends on the property and the location of the windows.

Grade I listed buildings are usually refused permission.

Grade II front of the house is usually tricky but the planners are gradually coming around to accepting the new glass technologies which have virtually no visual distortion compared with single glazing. Back of house is usually accepted.

In order to double glaze the windows in your listed building, you will need to get permission from your local planning authority. For more information see our guide here.

2. I don’t live in a listed building, can I double glaze my sash windows?

Yes, you can. If your existing window boxes are in good condition, we can restore them and manufacture new sash frames with double glazing which we carefully fit into the existing boxes. This saves money and installation time.

If your boxes are in a poor condition we may need to manufacture complete new boxes and sashes together.

3. My windows are draughty and rattle. How can I improve the thermal insulation of my windows without double glazing?

The single biggest improvement that can be made to a sash window’s thermal efficiency is to draught proof.

This involves installing discreet brushes and seals into all of the gaps. We take away the sashes to strip and paint, restore the box, service pulleys, manufacture new beads to match exactly the originals and reinstall the sashes into the newly insulated boxes. The result is a dramatic improvement in the thermal and acoustic performance of the window.

4. I live in a noisy area, what can I do with my windows?

Double glazing will significantly reduce noise pollution.

Where double glazing is not possible, for example in listed properties, we are able to install acoustic glass that deflects noise and is accepted by Bath Council’s Conservation Team. In conjunction with draught proofing, this is an excellent solution to noise issues.

5. How can I increase the security of my sash windows?

There are several ways we can do this. We’re able to fit special safety glazing which has been specifically designed to reduce the risk of an accident by impact, fracture or shattering.

On top of this, we can fit high security ‘Sash Stop Locks’ to your sash windows. These provide a high-level of protection, and act as a deterrent, while still maintaining the traditional look of your sash windows.

6. My windows are high up and difficult to clean, is there a solution to this?

Yes, we’re able to fit special self-cleaning glass.

The self-cleaning glass features a transparent coating which reacts with the sun’s rays to break down dirt and grime. When it rains, the decomposed dirt naturally just rinses away. As the surface is hydrophilic, it attracts water over its entire surface so rain forms a sheet of water over the glass, rather than droplets which can make rain marks.

7. How can I increase the privacy of my home?

For homes and rooms which require an extra level of privacy, we can fit obscure glass.

This glass comes in several varieties and styles, and we can influence the transparency of the glass surface as well as the light transmittance, dependant on your needs.

8. What kind of wood do you use?

We usually use Accoya for our boxes and sashes. In some cases, we also use Sapele hardwood.

Accoya wood is an acetylated high-performance wood, produced after decades of research and development. It’s 100% non-toxic and produced from FSC timber. The key benefits of Accoya are that it doesn’t expand, like traditional woods, and is rot proof, making it an excellent material for outdoor joinery.

9. Do you offer a guarantee?

Yes, where Accoya is used, we offer an unprecedented 50-year guarantee on the timber.

All of our glazings comes with a 10-year guarantee.

10. How much do sash windows cost?

• New double glazed sashes for existing boxes, with full draught-proofing and restoration of the box: from £1,500 per window

• Complete new windows manufactured and installed: from £2,000 per window

• Draught proofing, restoration and painting of existing windows: from £650 per window

All prices subject to full inspection and plus VAT at 20%. Please note draught proofing is rated at 5% VAT.


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