Classic Kitchens

Our classic kitchens add prestige and character to your home.

We are proud to continue this world renowned kitchen cabinetry design. All of our classic kitchens are framed, with the doors sitting within the frame. We make our doors in the traditional way, using our spindle moulder to create mouldings and our tenor to create the scribes. We only use hardwood or Accoya® for our frames and doors, a manufacturing technique that creates our lifetime guarantee and very beautiful cabinets.


Our classic kitchens are inspired by the classical lines and proportions set by our predecessors. Every millimetre plays its part with each detail adding character and beauty to the space. The crown moulding and plinths will be inspired by your existing internal architectural mouldings.


We only use British made butt hinges for our classic kitchens. Our handles and knobs are sourced from around the world, chosen after careful consultation with you.


We prefer to hand finish our classic kitchens. This is done on site once all the dust has settled and we’ve finished with the hoover and polish. We use the same state of the art high durability paint system we use for all of our kitchens, but the brushed final coat adds a prestige to the design and overall aesthetic. We are able to paint in any colour you choose.

A few examples of our classic kitchens

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